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DSES Project Solutions was formed in 2008. The organisation is 100% black owned- of which 50% is black female owned. The company has been operative from registration date in the services of mechanical and piping, tank manufacture, structural steel work fabrication and erection and continues to provide service excellence in the area of Project Construction Management from concept stage to commisioning and optimisation.

  • Exceeding client expectations.
  • Aiming higher than industry standards.
  • Aligned efforts and strategic planning.
  • Innovative Design Technology.
  • Maintenance Solutions.
  • Reduced Vapor Loss.

What makes us

• We offer Project Management at no extra cost to the client.
• We understand what brings out the best in our employees and as a result our clients benefit.
• We understand what a contractors needs are in order to produce high quality work.
• We take responsibility even where NEC excludes us.
• We interpret our clients needs according to their expectations.
• We plan on completing our projects in a shorter time frame and if it does not meet the deadline we enter into a pain share gain share whereby we stand in partnership with our clients so that it is in our best interest to meet project deadlines.
• We believe in cost verses change at the first phase of the project lifecycle whereby all changes to design are made upfront before construction phase to minimize unplanned costs.
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